Recreational Classes


Our Recreational Programs are a great way to develop swimming skills. These programs are designed for swimmers aged 4-15 yrs with little to no artistic swimming experience. Swimmers will concentrate on artistic swimming fundamentals, swimming skills, athletic abilities and flexibility. 

Our programs are taught by certified instructors with assistance from our senior athletes. 

  • Little Dolphins is for our youngest athletes ages 4-6 and focuses on developing swimming skills and comfort in the pool. Classes are 30 minutes long and 1 class per week per session.
  • Recreational is a program for ages 7-15 that are new to artistic swimming and will focus on swimming skills and artistic swimming fundamentals. Classes are 60 minutes long and 1 class per week per session.
  • Recreational Team is for ages 7-15 and is a full year (mid-September – late May) program and will focus on more artistic swimming skills including basic figures and team routine.  Teams will participate in 2 club water shows (winter and spring). Athletes must have a minimum of Lifesaving Society Swimmer 3 (or similar skill level). Classes are 1.5 hours long, 1 class per week, full year program.
  • Masters Recreational is offered to athletes aged 18 and over who are new to artistic swimming or have limited experience. Classes are 60 minutes long and 1 class per week per session.


The 2023-2024 Fall Program Schedule is as follows.  Fall lesson times are subject to change based on our final pool schedule.

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Fall recreational classes are 12 weeks long and begin the week of September 18th.

FALL 2023

Program Time Location
Little Dolphins (4-6) Wednesday 5-5:30pm University of Guelph Red Pool
Fall Recreational 2023 (7-15)

*swimmers must have completed Swimmer Level 3 
Wednesday 5:00pm – 6:00pm (ages 7-9)

Wednesday 6:00pm – 7:00pm (ages 10-12)


University of Guelph Red Pool



Full Year Recreational Wednesday 5:30-7pm University of Guelph Red Pool

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Can we try a lesson?

RCASC offers several free Try Artistic Swimming sessions at various times of the year, where our coaches and volunteers introduce new swimmers to the basics of artistic swimming. Just show up at the pool ready to swim. Watch our website for upcoming dates.

How do I register and pay?

Registration is available for summer and fall/full-year programming on our website.

What do we need to bring to class?

All recreational  swimmers are required to have a one-piece bathing suit, goggles, nose clips and swim cap. Please remember flip flops and towels for poolside. 

Do you sell any of the supplies if we’re missing them?

The club usually has swim caps, goggles, and nose plugs for sale “at cost”.  We do not require you to purchase these items through RCASC.

If you are interested (recreational swimmers do not require) club swimsuits and  gear sample sizes are available to try-on and orders are placed towards the end of September on RCASC’s fitting evening.. Club t-shirts can also be purchased through the club a few times throughout the season. Further inquires can be directed to

What is land training?

At the recreation level, land training primarily focuses on warming up and stretching the muscles. The first 10 minutes of class will be spent on land.

 What are all those hand motions the coaches do?

As swimmers progress through the levels and/or move into competitive programs, they will learn the secret language of synchro… each hand/arm movement and sequence represents a figure (element) in the water.  At the competitive level these motions become a core part of training referred to as land-drilling.

What is the showcase?

At the end of each recreation session we host a Club Water Show. This is the opportunity for the swimmers to show friends and family what they have learned, and practice showing big smiles for the crowd. Athletes will be told by their coaches when to arrive to prepare for the showcase. The coaches will help prepare the girls to be a part of the show. This typically includes helping the girls do their hair “synchro” which involves braiding the hair and creating buns.  The showcases are themed and all levels of athletes perform.