The Royal City Artistic Swimming Club (RCASC) offers four levels of programs:


Our Recreational Program is fun and a great way to develop swimming skills.  Our programs are designed for swimmers aged 4-15yrs and adults with little to no artistic swimming experience. Swimmers will concentrate on artistic swimming fundamentals, swimming skills, athletic abilities and flexibility. 

Our programs are taught by certified instructors with assistance from our senior athletes. 


Athletes with Different Abilities (AWDA) of all ages can train once a week to develop basic swimming and artistic swimming skills. As programs cater to each individual swimmer’s needs and abilities, cost is based on the amount of desired time, individual athlete needs and on the type of instruction during the session. Typically, athletes work one-on-one with a coach, but integration into a group setting is possible. Depending on the program selected, swimmers can choose to participate in Club watershows and/or compete on a regional or provincial level.


In the Regional League Program, participants will learn artistic swimming skills, while having fun and building many new friendships. Working together as a team for the full season enables swimmers to work together to develop their skills. The Regional League athletes will compete in two local competitions (February and May) and participate in the Club water shows.

This program is a perfect stepping-stone for swimmers who are looking to move from Recreational classes into a competitive stream for the first time. Swimmers will work and compete with other artistic swimmers of the same age and similar skills and abilities. This program is also for brand new swimmers to artistic swimming who want more than the Recreational classes.


Swimmers in the Provincial Competitive Program gain valuable training that is focused on enhancing their artistic swimming skills, increasing flexibility, developing core strength, learning choreography and most importantly, working as a cohesive team. Teams will compete in 4-6 competitions throughout the season and 2-3 club water shows.  Athletes will learn life-long skills of discipline, commitment, pride, respect, self-esteem, and positive body image.  In addition, swimmers with also develop their leadership skills, work ethic and goal-setting skills.

No previous artistic swimming experience is necessary to join provincial competitive at the 10U level, although a commitment to the sport is required by all swimmers and parents in this program. Swimmers with no previous artistic swimming experience may be able to join the provincial competitive program in 11-12 and 13-15 pending an evaluation with the head coach.  All athletes are expected to attend practices, especially in the two weeks leading up to a meet or event.

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